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280g Flite Suet Cake Blocks


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ATTRACTS A WIDE VARIETY OF BIRDS - Using a variety seed mix, these attract a variety of wild birds in your garden such as robin, blue tit, great tit and many other birds. They can be used to hang or is ideal on a bird table or feeder.




100% NATURAL - No fillers or bulking agents, just natural ingredients using a high energy seed mix ideal for feeding birds.



About Flite Suet Blocks


  • HIGH ENERGY FORMULA - Higher suet content meaning more energy is packed in gram for gram, meaning your feathered little friends get more energy in each beak-ful.
  • ALL YEAR ROUND FEEDING - Softer than usual suet products meaning they are easy to peck in the cold winter months but are also ideal in summer, a great year round bird treat.
  • FULLY COMPOSTABLE - Once the coconut is empty, just throw onto your compost heap and let nature take care of the rest, reduced plastic packaging and great for the environment!